“Några ord på vägen”

There are a few people I know where English is not their strongest form of communication and hence they are not able to take part in what I am writing. On “Page 8” of my introduction I asked if there was anyone who could help me locate a site where it was possible to translate blocks of text/websites from English to Swedish and vice versa. Again, it’s great to know good people. Kristina helped me locate Systransoft and I can see from the “Top Clicks” list, which I recently added as a side widget, that some of you have already found this site.

I have my Speech Club to thank for meeting terrific people such as Kristina . It is part of a larger organisation called “Toastmasters International”. I think joining Toastmasters was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. For just 800 Swedish kronors (SEK) a year, which is cheap if you ask me, you get a chance to have someone tell you what they think about your public speaking skills. You also get to practice impromptu (improvised) speaking and get feedback. Whenever else do you get feedback on these things? After having held a five hour presentation at work and no one is awake to know what you have talked about? (Click here for some hot tips on how to avoid this.) You also get an awesome magazine in the post with some very useful ideas and tips (worth the money itself).

In the February 2007 issue, I was awestruck by the following article called the “Team Commandments”. I’m not going to regurgitate it, but it is something I would like to laminate and give my project co-workers a copy of each. Why reinvent the wheel every time you have a project kick-off in some cosy conference facility, by handing out yellow post-its? I believe I just read the core to what I at least wish to see in any organisation:

1) Help each other to be right, not wrong. 2) Look for ways to make new ideas work, not for reasons they won’t. 3) Speak positively about each other and about your organisation at every opportunity. 4) Help each other win, and take pride in each others’ victories. 5) Compliment often. 6) Recognise that the customer is not an interruption to your work, but reason for it. 7) Realise that “being right” is irrelevant to good service; the customer’s perception is what counts. 8 ) Maintain a positive mental outlook. 9) Sacrifice for the good of the team. 10) Have fun.

Några ord på vägen

Försök att ta tillvara
allt gott som livet ger.
Se det stora i det lilla
så kan guldkornen bli fler

Ge dig tid att reflektera
i en stund av lugn och ro.
Låt sanningen bli vetskap
men släpp även fram din tro.

Och när du möter mörker
och livets tvära kast
-känn då hur livet rör sig
och ljuset får kontrast.

Känn att du får styrka
av det som gör dig svag
-att där finns nåt att lära
av allt som sker var dag.


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