Where do you go to allow your soul to catch up? Recharge your batteries?

My family is fortunate to have a place just one hour’s drive from Gothenburg, the farm my father grew up on. Believe me when I say this place is in the middle of nowhere, if you are used to living in a big city that is. My mother thought my father was joking (or seriously ill) when they drove out there to meet his parents for the first time, some 32 years ago. Just to give you an idea, you drive the E20 motorway to Alingsås (in this quaint town make sure to stop by “Balders Hage” on Drottninggatan 25 for coffee and Swedish nostalgia), turn onto Road 42 and some 25 minutes later (depending on how many horses are pulling your car) turn right when you hit the signpost “Magra”, a weird and wonderful name for ‘skinny’ or ‘bony’ in Swedish. You will eventually find that you hit a dirt road that takes you deep into the “troll” forest. Don’t be surprised if you have to hit the brake as a deer attempts to push its luck. Eventually a small village appears. I have yet to find the signpost but on maps I have seen the name “Ränne” printed.  


Supposedly it took my father 18 years to find his way out of this particular forest. With parents that were fortunate to graduate from Elementary school and a village culture where taking over the family farm was seen as, if not obligatory, then at least customary, what drives this man to end up studying at one of Sweden’s most prestigious universities and become, in my mind, a very successful business man? I guess parents that allow their children to choose their own way and not pressure them into something they have not themselves expressed a wish to pursue. I hope my son will feel free to follow his own chosen route, even though his mother may mumble something about medical school and a profession in neurosurgery.   


Unfortunately my grandparents did not get the chance to become great-grandparents and meet our beautiful son. They were truly great, though. I hope that my husband and I will come close to having the marriage they had. These people adored each other and we on the outside of their sphere could just stand and gaze in awe. 


P.S. If you are interested in experiencing the serenity of the Swedish country-side, more specifically on a farm only a short walk from Ränne, there is a family who cater for these needs. They run a “Bo på lantgård” (“Staying on a farm”) facility. Click here to take a closer look, especially on the photo tab(s) “Bilder”. If you also click on the tab “Priser & Bokning” and scroll down you can find an e-mail address. No plans for the summer? This my be something to try out


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