Sleeping Beauty

I slept some eight hours tonight and I feel great. I have until recently taken for granted being able to sleep at night. During my years at university I flirted with anxiety attacks over exams and whether my lab work was good enough; however, it rarely got to the extent that I let it hinder by beauty sleep. At least my husband still thinks I am beautiful after all that has happened so I won’t let the insomnia worry me too much at this stage.  

Speaking of university; in addition to the general text books, I must have spent hours reading up on various research areas in the form of journal articles. I realised this is where I could find the “crème de la crème” of my studies and it all became endlessly more interesting. Admittedly it wasn’t until my third year that I came to appreciate this realisation, which in retrospect feels a bit late. I’m just thankful I didn’t drop out prior to then.  I generally used the free search engine PubMed to locate articles and abstracts of interest.  Now that I again have something “cancerous” within Life Science to read up on, I thought I would jump at the chance to research my brain tumour. There must be an immeasurable amount of material on matters such as perturbed cell signalling, therapies, prognosis, statistics, etc. However, I have put this urge aside for the time being and instead decided to rely on my oncologist(s). My interest has instead come to focus on philosophies of life… and death. What is the meaning of life? Is God a bastard? Why me (why not me)? But most importantly, what happens after death? 

PubMed, which claims to have 16 million citations back to the 1950’s on medicine and LIFE science, must be able to answer at least some of my questions. Hence, I gave it a shot. I typed in “After death” (agreeably a bit wide). Impressively, much work has been done on the matter, including articles on “Taking care of the body after death” (Soins Gerontol. (62):45-6) and “Public opinion on organ donation in Saudi Arabia” (Saudi J Kidney Dis Transpl. 18(1):54-9).   

Speaking of organ donation, you have read my introduction to this blog, right? For you wouldn’t think of reading this far and not live up to my “Terms and Conditions”? I need to figure out how to import a check box on the first page for everyone to tick before being allowed into my head.  



  Emma Liljeberg wrote @

Så klart att mina organ ska doneras om det blir aktuellt!

Tack för senast, det var skoj att träffas tycker jag. Har du lust och orkar så kan vi ju träffas snart igen.

Kämpa på, vi tänker på dig och din familj, det vet du. Kram, Emma

  Lance Higgins wrote @

Thanks for sharing your life with everyone. It’s one of the marvelous things about the internet. We never seem to have the time to make new friends and renew our relationship with old ones.

We recently had a teaching series at Fishers Creek about heaven and I have come to appreciate that one day, I will have all the time in the world to sit with friends and share a meal together or make new ones. The Bible has a lot to say on the subject. More than I thought and much more than any pastor I know has preached about. Here’s some links to a few of the messages on heaven. I pray that they bless you as they have me. /Lance

PS I own the book these sermons were mostly based on. It’s called Heaven by Randy Alcorn. Let me know if you’d like to borrow it.

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