The Ring

I have since January 31st experienced a phenomenon quite similar to giving birth. I will spare you the gory details; however, on our son’s birthday in August 2005 and for weeks thereafter, our family, friends and colleagues (synonymous with friends) overwhelmed us with thoughtfulness in the form of visits, telephone calls, cards, flowers, gifts and much, much more. The same has happened since my diagnosis, but to a much greater extent. The get well cards have poured in from friends all over the world and I feel truly blessed and loved.  

I am also thankful to everyone who has had the nerve to call me, even though we in some instances haven’t spoken in a long while. I imagine I too wouldn’t know whether to “scratch my watch or wind my butt” (quoting Shirley MacLaine in a film I will not behold in a while, Steel Magnolias). There are almost certainly instances in the past when I wish I had acted differently had I known what I know today. It is worth taking risks with people you care for e.g. telephoning, asking how they’re feeling, if there is anything you can do etc. Each person is different in whether or not they wish to talk, even though I have chosen to keep an open channel. Admittedly, I have experienced occurrences when I haven’t had the energy for a telephone conversation. This was especially true the following day when I was given news that I need further treatment. I didn’t get out of bed until 5 pm, cried until there were no more tears and watched movies (Steel Magnolias excluded). Thankfully my husband was home and could at least get some food and drink in me as the cortisone had without doubt worn off. Most importantly, I did not answer the phone. Hence, don’t worry; keep calling. I should perchance add that if you don’t get an answer, it may just be that I am not home.


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