My First Kiss

On the windshield of our white saloon (sedan) parked in the rain it says “My Toyota is Fantastic”. However, the slogan I like even better is “Today, Tomorrow, Toyota”. Genius if you ask me and it’s “only” alliteration; no rhyme or worse, spelling it out. The slogan is so simple; although I am sure someone paid a fortune to come up with it.  

I believe “simplicity” is the key to most areas in our lives. I can specifically remember one of the first times I was introduced to this idea. Between age 12 and 14 my family lived in Tokyo where I attended a Catholic international school for girls in Setagaya-ku. On Wednesdays we had the option of either attending a ~30 minute mass or stay in the class room and work on various assignments, depending on our religious/personal beliefs or mood. As I am born to Christian parents, albeit not Catholic, you would perhaps think that opting for mass would be my prime choice. In my view, I would probably have opted for the religious service even if my family was living in the Middle East and sending their daughter to a Muslim school for girls.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved to hear what other people have to say, especially regarding philosophies of life. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I have always felt inspired; the number of instances where I have been listening or reading and felt utterly bored, allowed my mind to wander or, worse, fallen asleep are too numerous to count.

I must admit that I can’t exactly recall what the priest was referring to but he suddenly talked about “KISS”, miraculously resulting in the sleepy audience exploding into giggles. It didn’t help when he in the same breath uttered the word “stupid” in an attempt to explain the acronym of the phrase “Keep It Simple, Stupid”.


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