2. Brain Surgery (Part I)

Speaking of brain surgery, is this where I should add a disclaimer that you read this blog at your own risk? I will not take any responsibility for your mental wellbeing as I am not certain of my own.

The actual surgery “only” took four hours or so. What people tend to forget (and which my parents unfortunately did) is the whole anaesthesiology part. Correct me if I am wrong but it takes a bit of extra time to set it all up. They rolled me to the operating theatre at 1 pm (yes, I had been given the skimpy gown that you tie in the back). I remember staring up at the hospital ceiling and seeing the lights roll by as in all those zillion of TV hospital series. I have never really taken any greater interest in these TV series’ but if I am pushed I would say my two favourites are House and Scrubs. Feel free to let me know if there are additional ones I should be paying more attention to.

I had been offered a sedative prior to being rolled to the operating theatre. I declined. Why? My curiosity got the better of me as usual and I was feeling surprisingly calm. My surgeon had smartly not gone into too much detail with regards to risks involved and I hadn’t specifically asked. There really was no alternative at that stage. Click here to find what would probably be considered by most as appropriate questions to ask.

February 23rd, 2007


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