1. How it began

I was until 4 am Wednesday, January 31st, 2007 living the perfect life together with my wonderful husband and our 1 ½ year old son in Fiskebäck (“Fisher’s Creek”), a suburb to Göteborg (aka Gothenburg), Sweden. All that changed when husband wakes up realizing wife is having a seizure. I have no memory of the actual event and was profoundly confused by the sight of two adamant looking men (ambulance crew) insisting on waking me up.

I was swiftly brought to Sahlgrenska University Hospital and a CT scan later I was seen by a physician who without too much small-talk told me he had found something on the scan. The poor guy didn’t get a chance to continue before I started throwing guesses at what it could be, “Cerebral haemorrhage? Blood clot?” He shook his head. There wasn’t much else to choose from in my mind so I asked, “Is it a tumour?” He nodded. I also remember him asking whether I am left or right handed. I said “right” by which I was given a reply along the lines of “good”. In my mind I was thinking, “what do you mean good? I still need all ten fingers and toes to type on the computer at work”.

As it turns out the tumour is located in my right frontal lobe and I had surgery the following Monday, February 5th. Thankfully I didn’t experience any complications and I am able to wriggle all twenty fingers and toes as well as feel “normal”, whatever that means.

There was subsequently a ten day wait for cytology results as it was not possible to remove the entire tumour without carrying, I suppose, a risk for brain damage or possibly worse. As it turned out the tumour is WHO Grade II with an element of WHO Grade III cells. Not great news but not necessarily terminal either. I guess I will find out. Hence the journey continues a while longer…

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